Facemask Features

Cloth masks are best for people who don’t work in health care. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your own or looking for handmade masks:

  • You can sew the fabric, tie it around your face, or fold it around some hair ties for ear loops.
  • Use at least two layers of material.
  • You might add a pocket for a filter. Be sure to take it out before you wash the mask.
  • Add a copper or wire ribbon on the nose of the mask to help it fit better.

To buy other kinds of masks:

  • Check hardware stores for dust masks. They look a lot like N95 respirators but don’t filter out as many particles.
  • Neoprene masks can help stop the droplets that may carry the virus.
  • Try using a neck gaiter — a piece of material tied in a loop — made of stretchy synthetic fabric. Fold it into multiple layers if the material is thin.


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